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FitnessMagazine.com | January 2014
By Jocelyn Voo


Beautifully composed with minimalist restraint, @milkingalmonds is a striking Instagram account that features delicious vegan, plant-based creations, courtesy of Trine Rask. “I want to make it as accessible as possible and debunk the myth that we only eat grass and tofu,” she says, with emphasis on its animal- and environment-friendly philosophy in addition to its nutritional benefits.

Though the Copenhagen foodie’s blog Milking Almonds gives recipe measurements in metric system, we’d say the end result — say, an edamame-pistachio-lime burger with avocado and mint dressing — is way worth the conversion inconvenience. Oh, and did we mention Rask’s series of sweet treat shakes, which turns everyone’s favorite candies and desserts into milkshakes, minus the synthetic junk? Exhibit A: This peanut butter cup shake. Oh my.


Breakfast has never looked tastier than with @feltbyheart’s “breakfast cups” made with layered grains, fruits, and seeds. Created by Joana Nobre Silva from Lisbon, Portugal, these colorful creations (whose vibrant aesthetics are influenced by her graphic design background) are almost too pretty to eat. Other tasty offerings include simple stir-fry, green juices, and raw desserts. The only rule is artificial-, additive-, and preservative-free food.

“The lack of energy and those temporary (always failed) diets, insomnia, and anxiety no longer exist in my dailyroutine,” Silva says of her newfound state after shifting from processed to natural foods. “I’ve finally reached a new lifestyle: healthier, happier, and fuller.”


Just as the name suggests, @organicandhappy is all about organic eating. After recovering from an eating disorder, Natasha Kadimi decided to document her 80/10/10 high-carb, raw, vegan plan from her Southern California home.

“I was trying to look at food in a positive, fulfilling manner, compared to a past of giving food a negative connotation ridden with eating disorders and depression,” she says. “When I gained some exposure, I realized that there were a lot of people younger, my age, and older than I who really needed another voice, one that isn’t telling them how to live and eat, but one that is expressing that we should all work on being our best, most honest and whole self through doing what works for us, and not accepting anything less than self-love, whether this be through food or body image.”


Homemade chai tea. Baked cranberry pear crumble. A plethora of photos of vibrant fruits and veggies. Presented with a homey, charmingly rustic flair, @cravingthirty is run by wellness coach Amanda Williams of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“Working in the wellness field for the last six years, I’ve noticed most people can use motivation and inspiration to eat more fruits, veggies and whole foods in their natural form,” she says. “I’ve found Instagram to be a great way to share the beauty of these foods, and hopefully people are inspired to eat better or try things they’ve never had before.”

Though most posts don’t come with recipes, it’s a daily eyeful of healthy food porn for anyone who needs a nudge to load up in the produce aisle.


Can 43,000 (and counting!) followers be wrong? Instagrammer @deliciouslyella is a plant-based account by Londoner Ella Woodward, who started chronicling her food adventures after being diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome, a disease in which just sitting in an upright position can significantly increase heart rate and cause lightheadedness, muscle weakness and hypertension. Her diet is free of gluten, dairy, meat and added sugars, and she’s known for her lunchtime staple, the “rainbow bowl” which includes a mix of foods such as quinoa with roasted sweet potatoes, hummus and avocado, with a mix of other things from homemade pesto to kale chips, sun-dried tomatoes, grated carrots, and olives.


The Instagram account @gkstories is the brainchild of David Frenkiel, half of the boyfriend-and-girlfriend teamrunning the stunning vegetarian blog Green Kitchen Stories out of Stockholm, Sweden. Frenkiel’s Instagram operates as an unofficial behind-the-scenes look to the blog. “We always try to come up with healthy vegetarian recipes that are full of energy and good for an active life,” he says. “Often vegan and most of the time gluten-free.” Sometimes showing off the vibrant bounty found at the market, sometimes featuring homemade whole-grain spelt croissants, @gkstories is probably one of the more beautiful ways to be reminded to eat your greens.


Nashville-based registered dietitian McKel Hill runs the upbeat @nutritionstripped, a quality feed for farmer’s market junkies or anyone who has a soft spot for green smoothies. But this feed (and her blog) is a bit different: Not only is it full of healthy, seasonal recipes, there’s also a dose of knowledge about specific ingredients’ health benefits.

“I created an Instagram account to share not only my expertise related to nutrition, but also to share with people how fun, simple, and delicious healthy eating can be, proving that plant-based lifestyles aren’t just about eating romaine lettuce and carrots,” Hill says.


As an offshoot of their blog, @veggieful is a vegan feed run by Australian couple Madison (self-proclaimed recipewriter and cooking queen) and Jerome Partland (designated taste-tester/photographer/graphic designer).

“We try to ‘veganize’ non-vegan dishes and create easy recipes for the everyday vegan and vegetarian and for the non-vegans interested in introducing more plant-based recipes into their diet,” Madison says.

Dishing up beautiful, almost whimsical-looking vegan ideas every few days (apple-cinnamon pancakes with a heart-shaped apple slice on top, anyone?), this Instagram account makes you want to spend time in the kitchen not just to eat, but also to cook.


Created by Linn Thorstensson, a Swedish nutritional therapist living in Ireland, @straightforward_nutrition is just that: hearty dishes (like this spicy millet porridge with berries) made exclusively from fresh, unprocessed ingredients. Her feed shows tons of healthy eats, many of them the perfect wake-you-up breakfast. Check out her blog for some of the recipes she snaps.

Originally published on FitnessMagazine.com, January 2014.

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