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travel, technology and sex, for TechCrunch, by Jocelyn Voo

On Travel, Sex and Technology

TechCrunch | May 25, 2014 By Jocelyn Voo Over the years, I’ve run my passport ragged, each foreign visa and ...

oil pulling girl smiling

Oil Pulling: What It Is and How It Works | April 2014 By Jocelyn Voo   What Exactly Is Oil Pulling? Whether you've been ...

indian wedding

Arranged Marriage Gets a High-Tech Twist | April 23, 2008 By Jocelyn Voo (LifeWire) -- When it was time for Sabiha Ansari to get married, her ...

health benefits of having sex

10 Health Benefits of Having Sex | 2013 By Jocelyn Voo While sex will never equal a kickboxing class or a session of ...

Roller derby girls

Outlaws of the Sporting World: Roller Derby Girls Tell All

Curve magazine | October 2006 By Jocelyn Voo No one can deny that roller derby girls are tough. Broken bones and ...

healthy instagram account Felt By Heart

10 Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow | January 2014 By Jocelyn Voo @milkingalmonds Beautifully composed with minimalist ...