Travel Photographer: Project America

I will be the first to admit my penchant for novelty leads me to often travel far more internationally — specifically, to places where languages, customs and landscapes differ from New York as much as possible — than domestically.

But one night, laying on our ratty twin beds in a yurt in the Mongolian countryside (this all really happened, I swear), a Dutch girl named Anja told me about this otherworldly place in Arizona that I’d never heard of. She pulled out her smartphone and started swiping through photos to show me. I gawked at the pictures, jaw agape, and realized how completely naive I’d been: I’d been searching for alien landscapes all over the globe, and Mars was right in my backyard. After that, I made a point to discover the beauty of Westernized areas.

Six months after that incident, I started my journey on the west coast, picking up a car in Vancouver and driving down the Pacific coastline through Southern California, then looping through the Southwest.

(Hint: Click on any photo and use arrow keys to scroll)

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