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Hi, I’m Jocelyn, a freelance photographer in New York.

freelance photographer in New York
I’m a California girl with a soft spot for big hair and surfer slang.  I make a mean strawberry black pepper jam, I’ve worn my passport ragged over the years, and I’ve  been known to close out the dance floor. Also: I’m completely fascinated with documenting life.

Before turning to photography professionally, I spent nearly a decade as a professional journalist, writing for Very Serious News Sites and Not-At-All Serious Magazines, addressing everything from finance entrepreneurs and dating sites to health cleanses and iPhone apps. Basically, I wrote about things I found colorful and fascinating, because that’s all I wanted to do: tell stories. It was only after many years of refining the verbal craft that I realized I wanted to tell the visual story, too.

Get in touch with me at jocelyn (at) jocelynvoo (dot) com or via the form below. I’m always interested in discussing new projects.

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